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Course Structure

The core elements of all training routes are as follows:

Training Activity Description
Teaching Gradual build up of lessons depending on experience
Autumn Term – 10 lessons
Spring Term – 12 lessons
Summer Term – 15 lessons
Core training 40 x ½ days
Subject Knowledge Development Up to 5 days, depending on depth of knowledge, spread across the year.  Agendas set by the trainees
In School Training 1 - 2 hours per week
Mentor Meetings 1 hour a week
Assignment Completion 3 assignments across the year – a minimum of 20 hours required for research and writing
Observations A minimum 5 hours per week
Second School Experience All trainees will spend 5 weeks in a Partner School in the Spring Term
Primary School Experience All trainees will spend one day in a Primary School to observe Key Stage 2 teaching
SEN School Experience All trainees to spend a day in a SEN school to give them a better understanding of specific SEND needs.