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Training Bursaries and Scholarships - Academic Year 2020-21

Bursaries are available up to £28,000.  The amount of bursary a candidate would be eligible for depends on their subject and degree class.   They are intented to provide a financial incentive for high quality graduates embarking on a teaching career.

2020-21 Scholarship

Bursary (Trainee with 1st, 2:1, 2:2, PhD or Master's)

Chemistry, computing, languages, mathematics and physics £28,000 £26,000
Biology and classics No scholarship available £26,000
Geography £17,000 £15,000
Design and technology No scholarship available £15,000
English No scholarship available £12,000
Art and design, business studies, history, music and religious education No scholarship available £9,000


Graduates with a 2:1 and above, can apply for a scholarship with the appropriate professional body.  As well as the financial award, scholars will receive a package of additional benefits provided by the professional bodies.  Trainees with a 2:2 may be awarded a scholarship in exceptional circumstances, if they have significant relevant experience.  Trainees awarded a scholarship cannot also receive a bursary.  Trainees who are not awarded a scholarship may be eligible for a bursary if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Language scholarships are only available if trainees teach French, German or Spanish.

Early career payments: Chemistry, languages, mathematics and physics:

Chemistry, languages, mathematics and physics trainees will receive three additional early-career payments of £2,000 each (or £3,000 if teaching in specified areas of England) in their second, third and fourth year of teaching if they have taught in a state funded school in England since completing their teacher training course.  These amounts are after tax, so teachers will receive the full amount stated.

Further information on bursaries and scholarships are available on the GOV.UK and Get into Teaching website.


Fees and Financial support

Tuition fees will be £8,250 for the School Direct Tuition and SCITT Provider Led (Core) routes.

Fees for the PGCE option will be £9,250.

Trainees on the School Direct Salaried route will receive a salary of approximately £18,339 p.a. pro rata. (unqualified pay scale point 1).

Student Loan Company

Tuition Fees

  • Trainees on the School Direct Tuition and SCITT Core routes will pay a tuition fee of £8,250 for their training and may be eligible for a tuition feee loan from the Student Finance England
  • Trainees on the PGCE route will pay a tuition fee of £9,250 for their training and may be eligible for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England
  • Trainees on the School Direct Salaried route are paid an unqualified teacher salary of approx £18,339 (unqualified pay scale point 1); trainees on this route are not entitled to bursary payments

For more information on student loans please go to www.slc.co.uk

Maintenance Loans

You can apply for a maintenance loan to help with living costs. These loans are paid into your bank account at the start of each term and are not repayable. The exact amount you can borrow depends on your household income, where you live and what assistance you receive through maintenance grants.

For further information on these loans and additional payments you may be entitled to, please visit the Government website here.

Students will be liable to pay back a percentage of the tuition fee loan paid to our partnership from the first day of term. This will be the case regardless of any withdrawals or failure of the course.