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Assessment Only Criteria

To qualify as fully eligible for AO, you must ensure that you meet the following criteria:

  • You must have been employed as an unqualified teacher for a minimum of two years and over two consecutive key stages: this must be evidenced. You need to have had full teaching responsibility for those classes including planning, monitoring and assessment. Overseas employment may still be eligible, but work as a TA, Supply Teacher or experience as part of another training course is not deemed to be sufficient.
  • You need to be currently employed by a school who is willing and able to support you through the 12 week assessment window. This includes being able to provide you with a mentor, professional tutor and the equivalent of an NQT’s timetable.
  • All candidates must have achieved a first degree of classification 2:2 or above, preferably a 2:1 or above.
  • Any candidate who has a degree from an overseas university must obtain a NARIC certificate and a degree transcript.
  • All candidates must have attained GCSE qualifications in English and Mathematics at Grade C or above prior to application.
  • Secondary candidates wishing to gain QTS in Physical Education must have attained a GCSE in Science at Grade C or above prior to application.
  • Primary candidates must have GCSEs in English, Mathematics and Science at Grade C or above prior to application.
  • All candidates are required to have passed the professional skills tests in literacy and numeracy prior to application.
  • All candidates must provide evidence of a DBS clearance (Disclosure and Barring Service).